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How should i brush my dog?

For those of you with furry four legged friends, “brushing” is very important. If you have been putting off those regular brushing sessions, than you may find that when you do go to your professional groomer, you will be disappointed with a spring shave. You have a couple of options if you want to avoid that “shave” by investing in some new brushing tools to make the tedious task easier.

Slicker – has short wire bristles

Skip Tooth Comb – specially designed with teeth in which every other tooth is shorter to allow you to comb through the hair after you have brushed out the knots. This is a great tool for checking for those missed knots.

“T” shaped rake – because of the raking action instead of brushing motion, raking is more comfortable and easy to use on medium-to long- haired dogs because of their size.

Shedding comb –metal and oval in shape and very good for getting that loose hair that the rake may have missed

Nail Clippers – scissor style clippers are more comfortable and easier to use. Keeping your dog’s nails manicured is important because if the nails are not kept short it will put pressure on the joints in the paws. In extreme cases, the nails turn to the side causing the dogs posture to change.

Perhaps you have been putting off those brushing sessions because it’s something you just don’t have time to do. The best thing for your dog then is to inquire with your grooming salon about more frequent bath and brush options that include nail clipping.

Brushing your dog on a regular basis promotes a healthier skin and coat. Brushing your dog regularly also relieves stress. When brushing is part of your dogs regular routine, he will feel comfortable and less anxious while visiting your professional groomer.

Brushing your dog can mean not only a healthy, happier pet, but one on one time for you and your best friend.