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Many owners often ask the question “When should I groom my pet?” or “How often should I groom my dog or puppy?”

The frequency of grooming will depend on the length of the dog’s hair. Dogs like a natural shaggy look and the length of hair varies for most breeds ranging from 1 dog-groominginch to 2-3

inches. Hair cut to approximately 1 inch in length should be brushed by the owner every 2-3 days. The hair knots more quickly as the hair grows closer to the 2-3 inch length. You

should increase your brushing intervals to every day or every other day. Not everyone can maintain the long shaggy look.

Busy people on the fast track they have two options:

A) Frequent visits to the groomer for maintenance upkeep of the dogs coat is important to avoid knots.

  • If the length of hair is 1 inch come in at approximately 3-4 weeks for a brush and bath and alternate with a hair cut at 6-8 wks.
  • As the hair grows closer to 2 inches in length, come in every two weeks for a brush and bath and get a haircut at 6 weeks.
  • The owner should still maintain brushing at home at least 1-2 times a week in between professional grooming.

B) Choose a shorter hair cut at a half inch. It is still a fuzzy length and will last approximately 8-12 weeks with maintenance brushing by the owner at home every 1-2 times a week.

If a bath and brush is needed it is more for cleanliness.

After 12 weeks, knots may occur which leaves two options. The first, try additional brushing and de-matting or the second option a shorter haircut than last time.

The texture of hair also plays a part. The softer the hair, the quicker it mats and the more wiry the hair, the less matting occurs.

If you bring your dog in matted you may have to start from scratch with a shave and then start a regular schedule with your groomer from that point.